Remapping `caps lock` on OSX to meta key

Goto Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys... and disable Caps Lock Download, install, and open: Karabiner Inside of Karabiner, navigate to the Misc & Uninstall then Open priveate.xml Copy and paste »

React Component D3 Chart Boiler Plate

Integrating React and D3 for charting I've chosen to let D3 handle the DOM manipulations and use React for passing the updated props. From the research it appears this allows »

Using editorconfig with spacemacs on OSX

Step 1 brew install editorconfig Step 2 Inside your .spacemacs which you can access via SPC f e d dotspacemacs-additional-packages '( editorconfig ) (defun dotspacemacs/user-config () (editorconfig-mode 1) ) Step 3 Create »

min-height% != height %

It's crazy A good friend of mine was trying to set the height of a div to 100% of the containing element and also set that to 100% of the »